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"I was very pleased with the program. It was a great way to learn the material! You can't beat the convenience of the class. We didn't have to take Scott anywhere. He was able to complete the program in a short time and passed his test with ease."

"As a parent of a new driver you are concerned that they will be prepared to complete the requirements of the DMV. The sequenced program seemed to do the trick, it was informative, interesting and had enough spaced repetition that it was easy for a teenager to digest. I have found my son pointing out different traffic situations as we drive that he would have not been aware of before. After completing the course, he was adequately prepared to take his exam, where he scored very well."

Student Portal

With our student portal you are able to monitor your chapter progress and quiz and test scores. Once you have completed a chapter you may want to return for further review or retake a test if unhappy with your score or to better learn the material.EXAMPLE


Our course is certified and state approved. High schools in the state use our program to effectively teach their students Designed and crafted by high school driver's education teachers and certified driving instructors provides you with a 100% money back guarantee!

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All in-one, everything you need, our online program, in-car lessons, defensive driving skills, safe driving behaviors
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Parent as driving instructor guide, car buying resources
Lower car insurance premiums
Certificate delivery made simple
Mobile friendly, desktop, tablet or smartphone
45 years of experience as a leader of traffic safety education
These are some of the most important criteria for selecting the driving school right for you. If you would like more information, feel free to browse our website or contact us by phone or email. Get your learner's permit & driver's license FAST!! Remember, Drive safe! Visit our sister site,