About Us - Your Drivers Ed Online


YourDriversEdOnline.Com was created to provide a professional, student friendly, purpose driven course. Our goal has always been to offer a course that has value and provides teenagers with the knowledge and behaviors that, when applied, can offer them a safe driving experience throughout their lives.

Our program has been developed and refined over 45 years. Hundreds of thousands of students have benefitted from our teaching methods and have become safe, accident free drivers. We have designed a sequenced learning program, that when properly applied ensures success in passing the permit test and a path to a driver’s license.

Our Mission: Our mission is to promote and teach Drive Safe for Life behaviors for student-drivers and at the same time provide your students with an opportunity for personal growth by accepting the responsibility of learning safe driving skills through repetition and guided practice.

Our Vision:

 Everything we do, we do for the safety of student-drivers, their families and their community through world class service.

Our Purpose: Our company is one of service to others, providing opportunities for growth and clarity. We provide the resources and wisdom the student-driver and parents need to be successful. When your student makes a mistake analyze the error and make the correction every time! When on the road with the student you are their coach. Be alert at all times, make corrections, and praise the student when performing as expected and correct when making an error.