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Driver’s education teaches traffic rules and regulations while preparing you for your written permit test. Knowing the road laws and following those rules promotes your success as a safe driver. Online learning options are becoming more popular in today’s world. In California, you have the opportunity to take a DMV-approved online Driver’s Education course from anywhere. Life as a teen can be busy which is why taking driver’s ed has never been more flexible. Let’s talk about the benefits of taking your driver’s ed online in California to get your California driver’s permit.

The Basics: Requirements for Getting Your Driver’s Permit in California

If you want to get a California permit, there is a process with several DMV requirements you must complete. For example:

  • You must be at least 15 years and six months old. However, you cannot be older than 18. 
  • You need the DL-44 form with signatures from your parents or guardians. 
  • There is an application fee you will need to pay. 
  • You must bring your documents of identification. These documents will include proof of your date of birth, proof of legal residence, proof of Social Security number, proof of California residency, and your driver’s education certificate from completing the course.
  • Before getting your driver’s permit in California, you must also pass a 46-question written exam. You must get at least 38 of those questions correct. The tests include vision testing, traffic laws, and sign tests.

Once you complete the above requirements, to get your California driver’s permit you will need to give a thumbprint and take a picture. 

You may take the California DMV permit tests three times within one year. Should you fail, you will need to reapply and pay. Following the issuance of your driver’s permit, you may drive with any adult that must be age 25 or older and holds a valid driver’s license. 

Benefits to Driver’s Ed Online Programs in California

The benefits of drivers ed online in California include conveniences not available in traditional classrooms. Let’s get into a few of the major ones:


Online learning is an excellent opportunity for someone with a busy schedule. This is because it is more flexible than traditional in-person learning. By taking your course online, you get a self-paced learning environment. Allowing you to review the information and work through details whenever fits your schedule. Every person learns differently and having the opportunity to learn at your own pace will give you time to digest all the concepts you are learning or go back and review them again. If you fail any quiz in the program, you can check the covered material and attempt the quiz again.

Collaborative Learning

Another significant advantage to online driver’s education programs is that parents can be more involved with their teens learning. Sometimes online courses can even provide certain features for specific parental involvement. 

As a teen, that might not sound exciting. Parents could work through online learning with their children, which can help them understand more information or ask additional questions if you didn’t understand the material. Learning in a controlled learning environment is also great for individuals who may otherwise struggle to focus.


Online learning can be a significant advantage if you live (or your parent’s work) a great distance from a classroom-based driver’s education course. You can access your online learning materials from a computer, tablet, or smartphone anytime and anywhere with an internet connection.

With an online course, your parents will not have to do any significant traveling (since you cannot drive yourself without a permit). This saves time and money over traditional in-person courses.


In an online driver’s education program, you will learn everything you need to know about the laws and rules of the road. The program will help you learn how to share the road safely with other drivers, learn how to control your car and how those factors interact with one another. The driver’s education program will also help you understand how weather can affect how you drive, safe driving regarding drug and alcohol awareness, and so much more. 

Why Choose Driver’s Ed Online for Learning in California? 

Online courses teach responsibility and self-discipline. Giving you the independence to obtain your permit and move on to your licensing. Students have also mentioned that online drivers’ education learning is less distracting than in a classroom. This is because there is no talking or lack of interest from students. Taking a driving course with your friends may be fun, but the main goal of driver’s education is to learn how to drive safely and obtain your driver’s license. When you are in charge of learning concepts, your mind engages, and you are more likely to retain the information presented. Certified teachers teach driver’s education programs, whether they’re in person or online, so you can rest assured that you are receiving a high-quality education with whichever option you choose.

Online driver’s ed classes are often cheaper than in-person classes. They save you both time and money on the course, gas to get to and from, and fees for textbooks and materials. Some schools offer discounts for online programs and will refund your money if you’re unsatisfied with the program.

Learning at a Discount

Many insurance companies offer discounts for those who take online driver education programs, so it can be beneficial to check with your insurance company before seeing if you can save money. Choosing an online driver’s ed program that matches your learning style and interests is essential.

Make sure you choose a course for driver’s ed online in California that is DMV/state-approved; check online reviews and the Better Business Bureau website for any customer opinions about a course. 

Get Started with Driver’s Ed Online in California Today

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