Once upon a time, high schools offered driver’s education courses on campus. Today, on-campus driver’s ed is no longer an option for most teens. Driver’s Ed courses have since become privatized with hundreds of options – some of which are in person, others online. It’s hard to know which are credible and what school you or your child should choose to get the best driver’s education. In this article, we are going to ‌look at why Your Driver’s Ed Online is the trusted partner of dozens of high schools across the state of California and how we give back through fundraisers to help local ASB programs raise money.

Let’s Help Your High School: Free Fundraiser

Let’s first talk about our high school fundraiser initiative. We have partnered with dozens of high schools throughout the state of California to give back to their ASB program at no cost to them and no added cost to students. 

How does it work?

When your high school becomes a partner with Your Drivers Ed Online, we give back 40% of the course tuition fees from each new student that signs up. All you have to do is sign up for the program with your unique school link.

Each student pays $24.95 in tuition fees for the course. For each student, your high school receives a $10 donation! No more car washes, coupon books, or other labor intensive fundraisers. We also know many local fundraisers only last a day or a weekend, but our fundraiser is year-round and no-maintenance. This means your school could earn money even during summer vacation. A few examples of high school earnings:

Click the link here to see if your school is already a part of our fundraising program. If you do not see your school, please send us an email. We are eager and ready to partner with all high schools in California. Our hope is to partner with every high school in the state and help you and other high schoolers get their driver’s permit in California. 

About Us: Your Driver’s Ed Online in California

Your Driver’s Ed Online is a California DMV certified driver’s education program that gives you the tools and skills you or your child need to be safe behind the wheel. This program was created by former high school driver’s education teachers using a sequenced learning strategy. Our learning strategy let’s you learn however you learn best. Whether you want to learn all at once or in small pieces, you can jump in and out of lessons as you’d like. This method of learning has proven to be the most effective in keeping your attention and helping you retain the information. We are so confident in our course that we guarantee you will pass your exam or we will refund your money

Get started today for free! Click the link here to try our drivers ed online program – no card required.