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As a new teen driver, completing your driver’s education program is a big accomplishment. It’s one of the first steps to true independence and adulthood. With this new accomplishment comes a significant amount of responsibility, but we all know accidents happen. In this article, we are going to look at what a California pink slip is, what to do if you lose or destroy it, and what to do after you get your pink slip. We will also touch on what to do if you lose your driver’s permit.

California Pink Slip: Certificate of Driver’s Ed Course Completion (DL 400C)

The phrase pink slip can be confusing because it has more than one meaning in California. Nationwide, the DMV labels a pink slip as a document that denotes ownership of a vehicle. It’s needed “anytime there’s a change to a vehicle or vessel’s registered owner or lienholder.” This is common knowledge across the country. But in California, there is a secondary meaning.

In California, a Pink Slip is a term that also refers to the certificate of completion. A new driver under the age of 18 must earn this certificate from a state-approved driver’s education program. This is not a driver’s permit or any sort of driver’s license. It’s more like a diploma showing the DMV that a teen in California has passed an accredited driver’s training program. This is the first step toward getting a permit.

An accredited online driver’s ed program like Your Drivers Ed Online issues this document within 24 hours of passing the final exam. Your Certificate of Completion (DL 400C) gets mailed to you through the US Postal Service. This certificate allows you to apply for a provisional license.

What If You Lose Your Pink Slip?

What if you lose your pink slip?

We all know accidents happen. You could take it to school and leave it on a lunch table, leave it in a pocket that ends up going through the wash, you name it — anything can happen. So what should you do if you lose your pink slip lost? 

The simple answer is: you need another one. The DMV only accepts the original pink slip you receive in the mail. They will not accept the email of course completion, screenshots proving you completed the course, a copy of the original, a photo of the original, and so on. You’ll need to contact your driver’s ed course to have it reissued.

Your Driver Ed Online’s policy is to have your parent or legal guardian get in contact with us. 

Your parent or legal guardian can send us an email at ​​info@yourdriversedonline.com or give us a phone call at (760) 580-1293 to discuss what happened to the original, additional costs for a new pink slip, and all other steps at getting another certified pink slip issued. We know accidents happen, so we will work with you to get you a new copy as quickly as possible so we do not delay the license process.

Steps to Take Once You Find Your Certificate of Driver’s Ed Course Completion (DL 400C)

Once you or your teen has their pink slip, here are the next steps in getting your California driver’s license.

  1. Prepare the necessary paperwork outlined here.
  2. Present all paperwork and the pink slip to the California DMV to apply for the provisional license
  3. Complete a state-approved “driver training” program
  4. Prepare for and take the California DMV’s necessary exams and driver’s license test

What To Do If You Lose Your Driver’s Permit

Although Your Driver’s Ed Online cannot help with lost driver’s permits, it is a frequent question we see, so we thought we would help guide you in case this happens. 

If you lose your official driver’s permit, unfortunately, that means another trip to the DMV. You must go to the DMV with your parent or legal guardian and report that your permit as lost or stolen. They will then print out and issue you a new one.

You cannot legally drive (even with your parent) unless you have a copy of the driver’s permit in the vehicle. Until you’ve received the replacement, you’ll need to pause any driving practice.