Getting your driver’s permit is an exciting experience. It’s one of the first steps toward freedom and independence for many teens. This could also be a nerve-racking period for parents. You may have lots of questions, like “What driver’s education (driver’s ed) program can I trust?,” “Do I need a pink slip to get a driver’s permit?,” or “How much is driver’s ed going to cost?” These questions are common questions and valid ones. In this article, we are going to ‌look at the benefits of choosing Your Driver’s Ed Online’s online program and hopefully put all your fears and questions at ease. 

Your Driver’s Ed Online was created by Safe Drivers America to ensure you as a driver receive the knowledge, training, and skills that it takes to be a safe driver for life. 

#1: We’ll Donate to Your School: Fundraising for Partner High Schools

One of the major benefits to choosing Your Drivers Ed Online is that we partner with high schools all over California. We have what is called a “give back to schools fundraiser.” If you use the link associated with your high school to sign up for online driver’s ed, your school’s ASB program will receive $10 – 40% of your tuition goes right back to your school. 

Additionally, there is no season or time frame for this fundraiser. We will apply this all school year and summer long. So even when school is not in session, you could earn passive income for your high school’s ASB program. If your school is not on our partner list, please send us an email! We would love to add every high school in California. 

Chaparral High School raised $1,050 in the first three months on our program in 2021. Will your school be next?

#2: Our Program is All-in-One Online

Our program is 100% online. We know your life is busy with school, sports, volunteering, extra-curricular activities, friends, and (potentially) work. That’s why our online program lets you participate at your own rate. 

You can jump in and out of lessons and exams. Pull up old material to study. We have created this program in a sequenced learning style. This means that you can take it in small bits, jump in and out and save. This method is the most effective in keeping your attention and helping you retain information. 

#3: We’ll Teach You to Teach: Parent as Driving Instructor Guide

Not everyone was built to be a teacher. As a parent, you are probably more worried about your new teen driver and their safety than they are. This can be stressful and that stress can end up getting passed onto the driver. That’s why we offer a “Parent as Driving Instructor” guide as well. We want to make sure your teen is getting the best education from us, but also from the parents or guardians teaching them in person. Safety is our number one priority and teaching safe driving habits is where that all starts. 

#4: We’ll Show You Our Tips for Car Buying

Another common concern both drivers and parents have is what kind of car is best first a first time driver. We have put together a car buying resources guide to help you and your teen pick what’s affordable and what to keep in mind when purchasing. We have also compiled a few blog articles of things to keep in mind when buying your first car

#5: We’ll Help You Get Car Insurance Discounts

Insurance is expensive. That’s why we want to make sure parents know about insurance discounts. We always recommend letting your insurance company know that your child has good grades (a B average or better) as this will probably make them eligible for a discount. We also recommend letting your insurance company know that your teen took and passed Your Drivers Ed Online Exam as some insurance companies will offer up to 10% off your teens insurance. Hit the link HERE to see the insurance companies we have partnered with and if your family qualifies for a break on insurance prices. 

#6: Get Your Pink Slip: Driver’s Ed Certificate Made Simple

Once you pass your final exam with a score of 3840 points out of 4800 points, we mail your Certificate of Completion (DL 400C) in the mail within 2 to 7 business days. This ensures you are able to set up your appointment with the DMV for your permit test with the information fresh in your mind and in a timely manner. 

#7: Learn on the Go: Desktop, Tablet, and Smartphone Friendly

Your Drivers Ed Online is 100% online and compatible with your chosen device. Our course is desktop, tablet, and smartphone friendly. You can take your driver’s ed classes on the road, at the park, or whenever you have a couple minutes free. We always recommend setting aside the appropriate environment to get the most out of lessons, but we understand people are busy and sometimes the most convenient way to take a lesson is on the go. 

#8: You Can Start for Free

We are so confident that our program will work for you that we offer the first lesson and exam for free. Our free online demo comes with text, a video and a final chapter exam. This allows students to get a feel for our sequenced learning system and make sure it’s the right fit before they commit to the full program. This also allows parents to check out our program so you feel comfortable about choosing us.  

#9: We’re Affordable (and Totally Free for Some Students!)

We know affordability is at the top of most people’s priority list. If you qualify, we will help you get our driver’s ed course completely free through the ASSET grant program.

If you don’t qualify, your drivers ed online course is only $24.95 (and up to 40% of that can go right back to your high school!).

We are also so confident that our program will work for you or your teen that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you do not pass your permit test.