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Your Driver's Ed Online Benefits:

Learn the strategies to better understand the how, the when, and the why of driving.

Our program design provides you with the knowledge, techniques, concepts, and clarity to develop the awareness needed to become a safe defensive driver.

  • Great value at a great price
    Our course costs only $24.95, is DMV-approved and is user friendly. The Certificate of Completion is shipped to the student via US mail upon completion of the course.
  • DMV-approved
  • Designed by certificated high school driver education teachers
    This interactive teen driver education course has been designed to quickly learn the rules of the road, the importance of a defensive driving attitude, and understand how to acquire safe driving behaviors. The modular design allows the student to learn the information that is necessary to pass the permit test successfully and become a safe driver!
  • Insurance Discounts and convenience
    With our online driver education course, the student may qualify for up to a 25 % insurance discount. * You can do all this from the comfort and convenience of your own home with our online driver education program.
  • driver insurance discounts